​Mass Times and intentions: Saturday 9th to Monday 17th August

Please use a face covering in Church

Saturday 9th            Mass 5.00 p.m.       Daniel Girling R.I.P.

Sunday 10th            Mass 9.30 a.m.        People of the parish

                                  Mass 10.30 a.m.      People of the parish

Monday 11th          Mass 9.30 a.m.        People of the parish

Tuesday 12th          Mass  9.30 a.m.       Betty Hasty R.I.P.

Thursday 13th        Mass 9.30 a.m.        Eileen Smith R.I.P.

Friday 14th             Mass 9.30 a.m.        Alicia Alcorn R.I.P.

Saturday 15th         Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

                                  Mass 5.00 p.m.        People of the parish

Sunday 16th            Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

                                    Mass 9.30 a.m.       People of the parish   

                                    Mass 10.30 a.m.     People of the parish

Monday 17th            Mass 9.30 a.m.       People of the parish


A reflection from David May:

By now you will have heard the news that Fr Chris leaves us at the end of August to become Parish Priest at St James and St William of York, Reading.  In announcing his departure Fr Chris reflected on an image he has of priests:  “Priests are like ships that sail into a port, they share and receive many blessings with and from the community of that port…after some time they head back out to sea for another port; dock for some time there too and then sail off again to another port.”


As Fr Chris sets sail we wish him (and Tommy) well in this new venture.  He has brought us many blessings in his time of at Farnborough for which we will always be grateful.  He sails with our best wishes and prayers.  What are we going to do without the Parish dog?


What does Fr Chris’ departure mean for us as a Parish?  The immediate effect is that we will be without a designated Parish Priest from the beginning of September.  We are assured that Masses will continue to be celebrated in our Church and that we will remain a Salesian Parish, served by the Salesian Community.  


We are entering a time of added uncertainty but if we retain our sense of Parish Community (and humour), trusting in the Lord, we will be able to overcome any obstacles and stumbling blocks along our journeys of faith. As the Psalmist said:  We are the people who belong to his pasture, the flock that is led by his hand”.


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